What Is The Towing Capacity Of The 2022 GMC Truck Line Up?

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Trucks have significantly evolved over the years, transitioning from dependable but limited work companions into comfortable, versatile, and luxurious all-around vehicles. However, despite modern trucks having SUV-like interior comfort and excellent off-road performance, their quintessential characteristic is still their ability to carry stuff around. GMC’s truck lineup offers a wide variety of models that can satisfy your towing and hauling needs. Here are some of their main towing features and characteristics.

GMC Towing Features

There are plenty of modern elements of technology that enhance a GMC truck’s towing abilities. They help the truck better manage the power it transmits down to the wheels, reinforce various components to withstand the extra burden, make it easier to brake, and generally help you safely and comfortably tow large loads. Some of the most useful towing packages and features available on GMC trucks are:

  • Max Trailering Package: This package is specially designed to improve towing capacity on GMC trucks and includes elements like a larger rear axle, a higher axle ratio, improved suspension, a 22v alternator to power the trailer, and an enhanced radiator to keep the truck’s temperature down even when doing heavy towing.
  • Trailering Camera Package: This package adds two extra side mirrors and a trailer-mounted camera for improved visibility when towing.
  • Auto Electric Parking Brake Assist: This feature automatically engages the electronic parking brake using the hitch camera, keeping the truck and its load from rolling.
  • Traction Select System with Tow/Haul Mode: This feature instantly optimizes the truck’s traction system to maximize efficiency when towing or hauling large cargo.
  • Hitch Guidance: This feature adds a dynamic grid line to the hitch camera, helping you easily hook your trailer to the hitch.
  • Trailering app and smartphone app: These apps help you prepare for your towing jobs by providing you with a safety checklist, helping you adjust the brakes based on how heavy your load is, and other useful features.
  • Integrated brake controller: An extra button cluster on the vehicle’s console can help you control and monitor the trailer brakes.

GMC Lineup Tow Ratings

These are some towing characteristics for every truck in GMC’s lineup, based on their size and weight:
Light Duty Trucks

If you need a dependable work companion to help you carry light and medium-sized loads, the Sierra 1500 may be the ideal choice. Its 13,000-pound towing capacity is impressive for its size, allowing you to safely tow anything from RVs and mobile homes to work-related loads, such as construction equipment or building materials.

You can get the maximum towing capacity by choosing a Sierra 1500 with a Double Cab and the 3.0-liter Duramax Turbo-Diesel engine, equipped with the Max Trailering Package and 20-inch wheels. A Limited edition Sierra 1500 is also available, which can also tow up to 13,000 pounds but does so with a 6.2-liter V-8 gas-powered engine.

Mid-Size Trucks

The mid-sized truck in GMC’s lineup is the GMC Canyon, and it offers a mix of power and efficiency while also having a respectable towing capacity. A GMC Canyon with the Elevation Crew Cab short bed, Duramax 2.8-liter I4 Diesel engine, and the Trailering Package can tow up to 7,700 pounds, which is enough for most RVs and boats and can also help you carry work-related cargo.

Mid-sized trucks tend to be more versatile than light and heavy-duty ones, and you can select Canyon’s off-road-ready AT4 trim for enhanced off-road performance with only a slight decrease in towing capacity, down to 7,550 pounds. The top Denali trim, which adds a significant amount of luxury and safety features, also has a tow rating of 7,550 pounds. The tow ratings for these specialized trims mean that you can choose a GMC Canyon that’s either a highly capable off-road vehicle or a supremely luxurious one while still having the option of towing heavy cargo.

Heavy-Duty Trucks

While tow rating is important for any truck, it’s especially important for heavy-duty ones. Their towing and hauling capacity are usually the main reasons drivers choose such a large vehicle. The Standard Sierra 3500 HD’s tow rating is an astonishing 36,000 pounds when in a Crew Cab standard bed configuration, four-wheel drive, and equipped with a Duramax 6.6-liter turbo-Diesel V-8 engine that can produce up to 445 horsepower and no less than 910 pound-feet of torque. Towing such heavy loads requires extra skill and awareness, but Sierra’s size and features make it easier.

Just like with the Canyon, you can select specialized trims for your heavy-duty Sierra 3500 HD. Its AT4 trim turns it into an off-road beast, with elements like hill descent control, underbody skid plates, and special off-road suspensions while still having a respectable 21,130-pound tow rating. You can also choose the top-of-the-line Denali trim, which adds features like a chrome exterior trim, Bose premium sound system, a bed-view camera, and more, and it also has a 30,990-pound tow rating.

EV Trucks

The automotive world is currently undergoing an electric revolution, with electric vehicles providing a cleaner and more powerful alternative to virtually all types of vehicles. The upcoming GMC Hummer EV Pickup is expected to be a valuable new addition to GMC’s truck lineup and is likely to have up to 1,000 horsepower. Electric vehicles are usually more versatile than gas-powered ones. The Hummer will have an impressive acceleration for its size, excellent off-road capability, and a tow rating estimated to be between 7,500 and 11,000 pounds.

Regardless of your towing needs, it’s usually important to choose a truck that can meet them in a safe and efficient manner. GMC’s truck lineup provides you with multiple options, meaning that you don’t have to compromise, and you can select the vehicle that most suits your overall needs and towing requirements.
Testing a truck before buying it can be an important step, as it gives you the chance to determine exactly which configuration fits you. If you’d like to see GMC’s truck lineup for yourself, contact us at Hiley Buick GMC of Fort Worth and schedule a visit.
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