GMC Hummer EV Charging


If you live in Fort Worth, Texas, and recently purchased a GMC Hummer EV, or you’re considering making the switch from your current car to this electric vehicle, it’s important that you understand how to charge it. This all-electric super truck has a lot to offer, and keeping it charged and ready to go allows you to take advantage of its impressive features whenever you want. Skip the gas pump and learn more about charging a GMC Hummer EV.

Why Buy an Electric Vehicle?

Hummer EV Charging

If you’re looking for a new truck, you now have the opportunity to purchase an electric vehicle offering the rugged exterior and power you expect from a truck and the environmentally friendly, money-saving benefits of an EV. With zero tailpipe emissions, you don’t have to sacrifice environmental impact for performance.

Since EVs offer so many benefits to the planet, local authorities have started offering tax credits to offset the costs of buying or leasing these vehicles. Since these EVs rely on electricity to run rather than traditional fuel, you won’t have to worry about fluctuating gas prices. This means that driving a new, eco-friendly car, truck, or SUV could actually help you save money when you buy it and throughout the vehicle’s life cycle.

How To Charge Your GMC Hummer EV at Home

Before you try to charge your GMC Hummer EV, there’s some information you should review. For example, it’s important to understand that you’ll see your EV’s driving range measured in miles, while you can measure the charge in kilowatt-hours (kWh). If you’re used to driving standard vehicles, you can think of kWhs as gallons of gasoline in your vehicle to help you understand when you’re running low and may need to recharge. One major benefit of an EV is the ability to skip the gas station and charge your truck at home when you’re not using it.

Charge your Hummer EV using direct current (DC) or alternating current (AC) depending on your needs and preferences. You may choose to charge using DC, since this type of current is easy to store in batteries. However, the benefit of AC is that it comes from the energy grid, and therefore you can transmit it across long distances. When you decide to charge your vehicle at home, the truck’s converter will transform the AC from the energy grid into DC. The exact time it takes to charge your EV depends on the type of charging available.

Before plugging in your Hummer EV, it’s important to understand the three charging levels:

  • AC Level 1:  When charging at home, AC Level 1 will provide you with 2 to 4 miles of range per hour of charge.
  • AC Level 2:  If you charge your EV at work or at home using AC Level 2, you can expect it to deliver 7 to 40 miles of range per hour of charge.
  • DC Fast Charging: If you visit a public charging station, you can take advantage of its DC Fast Charging option, which can provide you with 60 to 100 miles of range in only 10 minutes.

Take Advantage of Public Charging Stations

While charging at home is a convenient option, you may need to use a public charging station if you’re on a road trip or other long drive and you notice your car’s battery is low. With around 70,000 public charging stations around the country, it shouldn’t be hard to find somewhere to recharge your GMC Hummer EV. These charging stations offer AC Level 1 and Level 2 charging and DC Fast Charging outlets.

If you’re looking for a quick way to find a charging station or you’re in an unfamiliar area, you can also use the myGMC mobile app with Energy Assist feature. This feature allows you to:

  • Look for charging station availability in real time.
  • Make a plan for your driving route.
  • Start your charging session with a “click” by using the Click to Charge feature.

GMC’s Energy Assist feature considers a variety of factors including your vehicle’s charge, real-time weather updates, and current driving conditions when developing a customized route for the drive ahead. This means that if you’re going on a road trip or an outdoor adventure, you won’t have to worry about finding charging stations on your own or calculating the amount of charge your truck has before you need to plug it into a charging station.

Find a GMC Hummer EV Today

The GMC Hummer EV comes standard with the manufacturer’s latest Ultium battery technology, which can provide you with an estimated range of 350 miles of driving per charge. Select trims also include a 350-kilowatt fast-charging capability, which means you can have up to 100 additional miles of driving range in as little as 10 minutes. Take advantage of this vehicle’s captivating performance capabilities, made possible by GMC’s revolutionary EV technology and power. Its 11,500 lbs-ft of torque and best-in-class 1,000 horsepower will blow you away and make you forget that you’re driving an EV truck.

If you care about your environmental impact but still want a powerhouse truck with impressive acceleration and handling capabilities, the GMC Hummer EV is right for you. With reduced operating costs and the ability to save a significant amount of money on gas, there’s never been a better time to switch to an EV.

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