The Best Local Charities To Volunteer At In Fort Worth, TX

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Volunteering at a local charity or organization here in Fort Worth can help develop the community, support those who are less fortunate, and also prove to be a rewarding and positive experience for you, your friends, and your family. Here at Hiley Buick GMC of Fort Worth, we’re passionate about helping others not only find the cars they need for themselves and their families, but also reaching out to help those around us who need some extra assistance by getting involved in the local community. Here are some of the best places you can volunteer at in the Fort Worth area.

Tarrant Area Food Bank

The Tarrant Area Food Bank is a food bank that caters to feeding those in need all throughout the Fort Worth area, including Erath, Tarrant, Cooke, Palo Pinto, Denton, Bosque, Hood, Johnson, Hamilton, Hill, Parker, Somervell, and Wise counties. There are many different ways you can get involved with this food bank and begin supporting the local community.

You can involve yourself by becoming a corporate sponsor to provide funds for its events, becoming a partner with it through its partner agency, becoming a food industry partner to provide food for its charitable events, hosting a food drive through the food bank, donating funds to the food bank, or volunteering for individual shifts organizing and packing food packages for those in need. You can visit the Tarrant Area Food Bank at 2600 Cullen St.

Feed the Need

Feed the Need strives to feed anyone hungry throughout the city of Fort Worth. A Christian-founded organization, Feed the Need often needs volunteers to help with their special food events, at their food drives, and with disaster relief whenever disaster strikes in the area. Even if you’re not interested in physically participating in any of these food-related events, you can still donate to the cause by contributing funds that go toward purchasing food and other items for events to help feed those in need.

City of Fort Worth

You can also volunteer in multiple different capacities for the city of Fort Worth. Through volunteering with the city, you can give back to the community that you love by becoming a volunteer firefighter, cleaning up graffiti around town, walking dogs at the local animal shelter, keeping local parks clean and safe, joining the Citizen’s Police Academy, enrolling in the Adopt-a-Spot program, raking leaves at Log Cabin Village, and by engaging in a variety of other activities.

The city requires you to submit an application for each individual volunteer role you’d like to fill, and there’s no limit to how many roles you can volunteer for.

Habitat for Humanity

Fort Worth Area HFH Inc. (Trinity Habitat) is the Habitat for Humanity chapter that covers the Fort Worth area. You can partner with local philanthropists several times throughout the year to help build homes for those who can’t afford to have housing of their own. Those with no experience in construction or building to licensed contractors can participate in Habitat for Humanity here in Fort Worth, but if you aren’t interested in physically partaking in any builds, you can donate funds that go toward these projects.

Whether you contribute physically or financially, your efforts can help connect people in need with safe housing. You can visit Fort Worth’s Habitat for Humanity at 9333 N. Normandale St.

Ronald McDonald House Fort Worth

The Ronald McDonald House Fort Worth is the organization’s center that covers the local area. Every year, volunteers impact thousands of families’ lives in the North Texas community through their service. At the house, you can organize and coordinate family activities, supply a home-cooked meal for families, transport hospitality carts, or spend time in the family room. You can also contribute by joining the Red Shoe Society. If you’d prefer to donate monetarily over volunteering time in physical form, you can do this as well to make a difference from a distance.

You can visit the Ronald McDonald House Fort Worth at 1001 8th Ave.

CASA of Tarrant County

CASA of Tarrant County, which stands for Court Appointed Special Advocates, helps Fort Worth children who have been abused or neglected find the justice they deserve. At CASA of Tarrant County, you can volunteer in a number of different ways. You can submit an application to become a specific advocate for children in need and act in that role if your application is approved. You can also become a part of the organization’s young professional council that focuses on advertising charitable opportunities toward young adults specifically. Additionally, you can join Latinos for CASA, a Latin community-based portion of the charity.

You can visit CASA of Tarrant County at 101 Summit Ave., Suite 505.

Taste Project

The Taste Project is a Fort Worth nonprofit that’s passionate about providing food for those in need in a loving, respectful way, regardless of what they can afford. The restaurant offers nutritious, high-quality and tasty meals for anyone who’s hungry in a sit-down style atmosphere, requiring patrons to pay only what they can, what they think they should pay, what they can pay plus a little extra, or what they usually pay for a meal of that quality.

You can get involved with the Taste Project by volunteering to be part of the kitchen team and cook meals, tending to the garden as a farm and garden team member, or becoming a member of the welcome and service team. You can take a trip to the Taste Project at 1200 S. Main St.

Now that we’ve rounded up some of our favorite places to spend our time volunteering at in the area, we want to hear from you. What do you do to get involved in the local community? Which charities do you enjoy volunteering for, and what can Hiley Buick GMC of Fort Worth do to help? Let us know and we’ll be sure to add your charity to the list and see how we can contribute to it as well.

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