The Best Haunted Houses To Visit In Fort Worth, TX For Halloween 2022

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Halloween season is officially upon us, and Fort Worth, Texas, and its surrounding area has lots of great haunted houses to help you get into the Halloween spirit. Here in Texas, you’ll find some of the best haunting experiences in the country, so you can fill your calender with spooky outings all season long. If you like to be scared, you won’t want to miss some of the area’s best chills and thrills. Here’s a closer look at some of our nearby favorites:

Cutting Edge Haunted House

Cutting Edge Haunted House is a thrill unlike any you’ve experienced before. The house features lots of interactive fun and startling experiences for its guests. Last year, it was even voted the best haunted house in the nation. It’s a real haunted house, located in the remains of an abandoned meat packing facility. Dubbed “Hells Half Acre,” it promises an experience unlike anything you’ve witnessed before. The house has live actors, goosebump-inducing monsters, and advanced special effects.

You can even see some of the old meat-processing equipment as you tour the two-story plant. It takes almost a full hour to witness all the terrifying and realistic attractions inside. Be aware that this haunted house isn’t for the faint of heart. Inside you’ll receive electrical shocks and all manner of terrifying effects. The site is open rain or shine, but be sure to buy advance tickets online to secure your spot, as they can sell out fast. Cutting Edge Haunted House is open to adults and children over the age of 12.

Moxley Manor

Explore another great haunted attraction in nearby Bedford at the Moxley Manor. This year marks their 13th season operating the haunted house, and it gets better every year. Included with your ticket are three distinctly terrifying experiences: Moxley Manor, Regan’s Revenge and Big Top Terror. The truly scary aspect of the manor is the story behind it. The house belonged to the Moxley family in the early 1920s. The father, Charles, was the recipient of a large estate, and they used the money to host fancy parties and decorate their home with lavish furniture.

After accusing her husband of having an affair with the maid of the house, Grace Moxley was found dead in her living room. The maid and Charles married before another murder—that of the couple’s young son, William. Eventually, Charles was murdered as well, and the housemaid accused of the crime disappeared without a trace. Such savage history makes for a great story and an even better haunted house. For those brave enough to endure the wrath of the murderous house maid, Moxley Manor makes for terrifyingly real haunted experience. The manor is open to adults and children over the age of 12.

The Pecan Haunt

The Pecan Haunt, located in the Pecan Acres Neighborhood of nearby Flower Mound, Texas, is a free haunted trail and haunted house adventure. It’s only open for one night a year, so be sure to mark your calendar. This year, you can attend the event from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 29. Pecan trail is a good experience for families, and children of all ages are allowed. Teens and adults wanting more of a scare can find it in the Pecan Asylum, Manor and Wastelands on the property.

There are few live actors, but the trail and house rely mostly on special effects to create the spooky atmosphere and scare guests. The story behind the haunted place makes the experience even spookier. Local legend says that a poor soul became lost in the Pecan forest, and his soul is trapped there for eternity. On the full moon, the soul comes to torment guests, exacting his revenge for his entrapment.

Dark Hour Haunted House

The Dark Hour Coven is a truly unique haunted house experience filled with more terror than you could imagine. Navigate obstacles and scary plots from the 13, a coven of witches with dark histories and agendas. Located in Plano, Texas, Dark Hour is one of the most celebrated haunted houses in the country. This year, visitors can enjoy the house’s huge expansion, which includes even more terrifying spooks and thrills. Children under 10 are too young to visit Dark Hour.

Those wanting to skip the lines and receive a truly fearful experience can opt for VIP tickets. VIP ticket holders receive a special presentation and are personally guided through the house by their own concierge. The experience lasts 90 minutes. Open hours vary by day and by time of year. You can visit their website to see specific opening times for peak nights and off-peak nights throughout the season. Dark hour is open from Sept. 17 through Oct. 31 on select weekend and weekday evenings.

Hangman’s House of Horrors

Hangman’s House of Horrors is located in Fort Worth, Texas, on a century-old military base. The house takes 45 minutes to tour and will leave visitors terrified, but Hangman’s has other unique attractions too. Those with a taste for the macabre can enjoy the site’s art exhibit. It’s interactive and horror based, with photo opportunities for your memory books. The house gets its name from Hezekiah “Hangman” Jones, a murderer finally put to rest in 1882 by an angry mob. Hangman was named for the brutal methods he would use to kill his victims. Over 120 people died by his rope.

While touring the house, you can learn more about Hangman’s and the military base’s legends. After your experience, you might understand why so many claim them to be true. The House of Horrors hosts events year-round, so, even if you miss it this Halloween season, you can check back for some of their other attractions like their 50 Shades of Fear event in February or their Friday the 13th festivities in May.

We hope we provided some adequate nightmare fuel on this list. Did we miss a local haunted house that needs to be included here? Let us know if so. We hope you enjoy a scary and safe Halloween season visiting the area’s top attractions.



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