How Does The New GMC Acadia Denali Head-Up Display Work?

July 7th, 2021 by

There’s a lot to love about the 2021 Acadia Denali. It has all-wheel drive, plenty of towing capacity, a comfortable interior, and some great entertainment options. However, one innovative feature of the Denali that you’re sure to love is the Head-Up Display (HUD).

2023 GMC Acadia

New GMC Acadia

Head-Up Displays are a relatively new feature in some vehicles that are designed to keep you safer while you’re driving. However, because they’re so new, many people don’t know what they are or how to get the most benefit from them. Below, we’ll discuss what the Head-Up Display is along with how you can set it up in your next 2021 Acadia Denali.

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What is the Head-Up Display?

The Head-Up Display (HUD) makes it easier to see vital information about your car as you drive. Rather than having this information in your dashboard or infotainment center, you can project the information directly on your windshield. The text appears closer to your line of sight without blocking anything on the road. This means you can keep your eyes on the road without having to look away to get the information you need.

The HUD can provide you with a few different bits of information. For example, you can see the current speed of your vehicle, the RPM, the position of the transmission, the air temperature outside, or even your current radio station. If your vehicle has turn-by-turn navigation, it can also display your next steps. Switching through the information you want to see is as easy as pushing a button near the steering wheel.

Setting the Head-Up Display

There are a few settings you can tweak within the HUD to get it closer to your preferences. For example, you can adjust how bright the image is or its location on the windshield.

GMC yukon media system

GMC yukon media system

The first thing you’ll want to do is ensure your seat is in the proper position. You’re going to adjust the HUD so that it looks best to you, which means you need your seat in the optimal position first. Then, when you are making your adjustments, make sure you are sitting up straight and looking at it as you would when you’re driving.

The Controls

To adjust the HUD, you need to turn the vehicle on, then locate the controls to the right of your steering wheel. One control is a knob, which adjusts the brightness of the HUD. Turning it clockwise should make the HUD brighter while turning it counter-clockwise dims it. To turn the HUD off, you can simply turn the knob to adjust the brightness until you no longer see the display.

Next to the knob, you will find two buttons with arrows pointing up and down. Pushing these buttons adjusts the height of the HUD on your windshield. Move the display around until it is in a position where you can easily see it, without it distracting you on the road. Also, please note that you can only adjust the height of the HUD and not move it side-to-side.

GMC Warner Media RIDE App

GMC Warner Media RIDE App

In the middle of the two arrow buttons is the final control, which is the Page button. By pressing this button, you can adjust the format of the displayed information. There are three types of formats to choose from. The first displays your speed, your turn signal, transmission position, outside air temperature, and whether your high beams are on. The second format has the same information as the first but without the transmission and outside air temperature information. The third format presents the same information as the first, but without outside air temperature, and also includes a circular tachometer.

Continue to use the brightness knob, height adjustment buttons, and format button until you find a display that suits you. The goal is to provide you with important information without distracting you from the road so adjust the HUD until you reach a comfortable balance. Typically, it’s recommended that you have the display as low as possible on your windshield while still in a place that’s easy to see. This keeps it out of your immediate line of sight while you’re driving so that it doesn’t become distracting.

Taking Care of Your HUD

If you find that your HUD is a little hard to read, there are some things you can do to try to fix this. Start by cleaning your windshield and ensuring there is no dust or smudges in the display area. Next, move on to cleaning the HUD lens. This is located on the top of your dashboard and is what projects the image onto the windshield. Use a very soft cloth and gently wipe down the lens.

Cleaning both the windshield and lens should improve the quality of your display. Keep in mind, that you may have trouble seeing the display if you’re wearing polarizing sunglasses. In this case, try making the display brighter. However, even at its brightest setting, you may have trouble seeing the HUD if you are wearing sunglasses.

Test Driving a 2021 Acadia Denali In Fort Worth, TX Today!

If you’re interested in learning more about the HUD on the 2021 Acadia Denali, the best way is through a test drive. Through a test drive, you can get a better sense of how the HUD works and the benefits it can provide while you’re driving.

For those of you in the Fort Worth, TX area, Hiley Buick GMC Of Fort Worth can set you up with a test drive at any time. We’d be happy to show you how the heads-up display works or talk to you about any of the other many benefits of the 2021 Acadia Denali. To get started, you can contact us today and set up a time to visit our dealership.

If you end up deciding to purchase a 2021 Acadia Denali, our team can help you set up your HUD for the first time and show you how to use the controls. So, schedule a visit today and let us show you all that this year’s Denali has to offer beyond just its great Head-Up Display.

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