How Do You Use The Yukon’s Read-Seat Media System?

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When you and the kids are in for a long drive, nothing can be more relaxing than knowing that they have all the entertainment they could need. The GMC Yukon has a new take on infotainment with its advanced rear-seat media system, which is an extraordinary addition to this vehicle’s already impressive feature list. You can stop by Hiley Buick GMC of Fort Worth to test-drive a Yukon for yourself and see all the hype. View our inventory of New GMCs or if you have any questions, give us a call at (817)-632-8800.

What Is the Yukon’s Rear-Seat Media System?

GMC yukon media system

GMC yukon media system

The Yukon rear-seat media system is an entertainment system that GMC has included in several trims of the GMC Yukon. It comes with various features and technology to help make sure the passengers in the back seat of the SUV are comfortable and entertained.

The system includes two 12.6-inch touch screens, one on the back of each front seat headrest. This puts the screens at eye level for passengers sitting in the back rows without distracting the driver and the front-seat passenger. Preventing distractions is an essential part of driving safely on the road, so GMC kept the entertainment system confined to the back seat.

The screens are viewable from the second and third rows and can be tilted, but they are still sturdy in their mounting so that
you can feel confident in their longevity. Adjustable screens make it easier for people of different heights and positions in the vehicle to enjoy the entertainment system without worrying about dropping delicate screens or losing important technology.
The system comes with USB-C and HDMI ports you can use to plug in your devices and display them on the screens. This entertainment system is more technologically advanced than a simple DVD player, but if you want to play classic DVDs or Blu-ray discs, you can use the connector cables to hook up to a laptop with a disk reader, or even a video game console. This allows passengers to choose how they want to use the entertainment center. You can also plug in popular streaming devices like a Roku or Chromecast to access streaming content on the road.

You can set both screens to display the same media at once if passengers want to watch a movie simultaneously. Alternatively, you can have the screens play different media. This means kids on one side of the vehicle can play video games while kids on the other side binge their favorite television shows. This is a perfectly customizable system that guarantees entertainment for every passenger. If you are trying to keep the down noise, you can also pair Bluetooth headphones to ensure that the driver or other passengers aren’t disturbed.

How To Use the Yukon’s Rear-Seat Media System

You can use the rear-seat media system by double-tapping the screen to turn on the power and viewing the home screen. The home screen is intuitive and easy to read, with options for media input, like Watch Source, Listen Source, and Navigation. You can also adjust the settings to set up your Bluetooth headphones.

There is a power button on the status bar that you can use to turn the screen off when it is not in use. The front console can also turn off the back media system, which is a good safety feature. The media pauses when the screen is turned off, so you don’t lose your place.

Another feature you can use is the navigation option, which allows passengers in the back seats to look up a possible destination and then send it to the front row. This is a great way to keep navigation streamlined. With this feature, passengers can help decide a route, establish the navigation, and communicate it directly to the front seats without the driver having to take their hands off the steering wheel.

What Are the Benefits of This Media System?

One of the main benefits of the Yukon’s rear-seat media system is its technological appeal. It upgrades en route entertainment to a living room standard. The high-quality screens and the effortless connectivity of the various ports and charging points create an easy-to-use technical infrastructure. GMC continues to impress with its dedication to updating its entertainment system and including advanced tech features that perfectly complement the Yukon’s sleek interior and spacious design.

Another benefit of this media system is the entertainment aspect. Parents can rejoice that their children are entertained on long car rides and that the customizable nature of the different screens allows for various activities to take place at a single time, meaning no more fighting over the remote. Having a full-scale entertainment system in the rear seats is a great way to ensure that everyone is satisfied and as comfortable as possible.

Which Yukon Trims Offer the Rear-Seat Media System?

The rear-seat media system is a luxury feature, so it is not included in the basic trim of the GMC Yukon. However, it is an option on the three other trims: the SLT, the AT4, and the Denali. The AT4 and the Denali have additional entertainment packages that you can add to your initial Yukon purchase to access the media system at its full potential.

Whichever of these three trims you choose, you can opt into the media system, meaning you can prioritize it even if you don’t want the other additional features of a higher trim. For the AT4 trim, the option is called the AT4 Premium Package Plus Package. The Denali trim has the Denali Deluxe Package and Denali Ultimate Package. If you want to test-drive the Yukon to witness the rear-seat media system for yourself, you can ask for those trims and packages specifically.

The GMC Yukon’s interior has many incredible features, including premium leather seating and authentic wood details, which can only be described as palatial. The addition of the incomparable rear-seat media system makes this vehicle’s interior even more luxurious. Come by Hiley Buick GMC of Fort Worth to test-drive the 2022 Yukon today. Our team can also show you how to finance it so that you can give your family the comfort they deserve.

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