How Great Is The New GMC CarbonPro Carbon-Fiber Composite Truck Beds?

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When you invest in a truck, you want it to last as long as possible. Some truck owners invest in bed liners to protect their beds from dents, scratches, and corrosion. Spray-on liners and drop-liners present problems of their own, including rough-textured surfaces and improper drainage. GMC has entered the scene to solve these problems with its new GMC CarbonPro carbon-fiber composite truck beds. Learn all about them below to see how they can be useful to you. View our inventory of New GMCs or if you have any questions, give us a call at (817)-632-8800.

What Are the New GMC CarbonPro Truck Beds?

GMC CarbonPro Truck Beds

GMC CarbonPro Truck Beds

The new GMC CarbonPro truck beds feature carbon fiber composite materials. These new GMC truck beds aren’t liners. Instead, they operate as standalone beds and replace GMC’s traditional steel truck beds.
GMC first introduced these truck beds on the 2019 GMC Sierra 1500. Since then, they’ve become available on other GMC vehicles, including the 2020 Sierra 1500 AT4 and 2020 Sierra 1500 Denali trims. Feel free to browse our selection of new GMC trucks so that you can see what’s available.

What Testing Has the New GMC CarbonPro Truck Beds Undergone?

General Motors, which owns GMC, ordered rigorous testing for the new GMC CarbonPro truck beds. Some of the validation testing that these truck beds underwent included:

Generator Tests

Experimenters aimed a portable generator’s exhaust pipe directly at a GMC CarbonPro truck bed’s corner. This test helped determine if the bed could withstand vibration and heat. The experiment was successful, as the bed didn’t show any signs of

Extreme Temperature Tests

The goal of the extreme temperature test was to determine how the new truck beds would react to different environments and climates. One test took place in the hot desert climate of Yuma, Arizona, and another test took place in Kapuskasing, Ontario, so GM experimenters could see how the bed would hold up in freezing cold conditions. Both experiments yielded positive results, as the truck beds didn’t show signs of damage.

Snowmobile Tests

Experimenters drove a snowmobile, which had metal studs in its tracks, into a GMC CarbonPro truck bed to determine its durability. A 250-pound driver commanded the snowmobile, and they accelerated it at full throttle. This intense activity only yielded minimal scratches.

Corrosion Tests

Experimenters also submitted the new GMC CarbonPro truck beds to corrosion testing. Carbon fiber composite is inherently resistant to corrosion, which means that the experiment produced desirable results. The truck beds showed no signs of discoloration or abrasions.

Drop Tests

Experimenters conducted several drop tests to mimic extreme use cases. They dropped a 1,800-pound load of gravel in one test drop. Some other items they dropped include 450-pound steel drums filled with water and cinder blocks. Testers dropped these items from various heights to determine their impact, and they found that the truck beds held up well.

What Are the Benefits of the GMC CarbonPro Truck Bed?

Some truck owners may be hesitant to ditch the traditional steel truck beds, but the GMC CarbonPro truck bed has several noteworthy benefits, including:


Because of the CarbonPro truck bed’s inclusion of carbon fiber composite materials, it’s incredibly resistant to dents and scratches. These materials are similar to those found in aerospace devices, so you know they’re built to last. It’s likely your
truck bed will look brand-new even after years of heavy use.

Corrosion Resistance

Traditional steel truck beds wear over time because of corrosion. If you constantly expose your truck bed to salt and moisture, it’s more likely to turn orange and develop holes. The materials in the CarbonPro truck bed are naturally resistant to corrosion, so this bed will maintain its appearance over the long term. You won’t have to constantly worry about washing your truck bed or using a cover for it.


The new GMC CarbonPro truck beds are highly functional. They come with tire indentations that help you secure dirt bikes and street bikes without having to worry about them rolling around in the back as you’re driving. The bed also includes two tie-down areas so that you can secure your bikes with ropes and have additional peace of mind. You can use the tire indentations and tie-down areas to secure work equipment, materials, and any other items you need to transport safely.

This truck bed is also functional in that you can still use the wooden divider that a traditional GMC steel bed holds. This divider lets you separate and organize all your cargo for optimal efficiency.

More Cargo Space

New GMC trucks have plenty of cargo space in the beds, but the new GMC CarbonPro truck bed ensures that you have maximal space. It’s skinny enough so that it doesn’t protrude into potential storage areas. In fact, this truck bed provides an extra cubic foot of volume. This is important because every inch of space counts when you’re loading up for a work task or weekend trip.


The new GMC CarbonPro truck bed is about 60 pounds lighter than the traditional steel bed. Plus, its versatility means that you don’t have to add any liner of your own, which further eliminates unnecessary weight. You may be able to improve your fuel efficiency and load up more items of your own thanks to this truck bed’s weight.

No Spray Treatments

The new GMC CarbonPro truck beds eliminate the need for any kind of bed liner. It’s also useful because you can avoid the benefits of certain bed liners. For example, spray-on bed liners may invalidate your warranty or damage your vehicle’s paint. These issues can make it difficult to sell or trade your vehicle in the future. A drop-in bed liner can accumulate water, and it may dislodge itself while you’re driving down the highway. With the new GMC CarbonPro truck beds, you never have to mess with the hassle of bed liners.

GMC CarbonPro Truck Beds Available In Fort Worth, TX

As you can see, the new GMC CarbonPro truck beds are well worth it. You can consider getting a truck that already has them, or you can get them as an add-on for certain trucks. Not sure where to start? Be sure to get in touch with our team at Hiley Buick GMC of Fort Worth.


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