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Driving a vehicle is a major responsibility that requires focus, skill, and poise under pressure. Fortunately for drivers, modern vehicle technology has significantly enhanced vehicle visibility, driver operation, and accident avoidance. Below, we cover several of these driver-assistance features currently offered by GMC. View our inventory of New GMCs or if you have any questions, give us a call at (817)-632-8800.

Driver-Assistance Features That Improve Visibility

GMC Driver Assistance Features in Fort Worth, TX

GMC Driver Assistance Features

As vehicle technology advances, cars have more camera and sensor components to improve the driver’s visibility. Below are several visibility-enhancing driver-assistance features offered by GMC:

Rear Camera Mirror

GMC vehicles with rear camera mirrors provide a wide, unobstructed view of the rear conditions. The camera, located in the back, eliminates obstructions such as passengers, cargo, and rear-seat headrests. When activated, the camera’s view is projected in the rearview mirror, enhancing visibility. Activating the rear camera mirror is as simple as pulling or pushing a tab on the mirror.

Rear Vision and High-Definition Rear Vision Camera

GMC vehicles with a rear vision camera display the space directly behind the vehicle while going in reverse, with the high-definition rear vision camera providing a high-resolution digital image. The rear vision camera is located near the vehicle’s centerline and is particularly handy for parking maneuvers. In most equipped GMC vehicles, the rear image is automatically projected onto the infotainment screen when shifting into reverse. In some vehicles, you can activate the camera by selecting the camera app on your infotainment display. You can also enable guidelines to help you see where your vehicle is heading.

High Definition Surround Vision

GMC’s Surround Vision technology also enhances parking assistance. It combines camera feeds from different areas on the vehicle to create a bird’s-eye view of your vehicle and its surroundings. In equipped GMC vehicles, the Surround Vision display works with the rear camera when the vehicle is in reverse or with the front view when you’re in forward gear. This feature improves situational awareness during parking maneuvers.

Hitch Guidance and Hitch Guidance With Hitch View

GMC’s Hitch Guidance with Hitch View assists with safer and easier hitching. Hitch Guidance shows a guideline on the rear vision camera, which aids in aligning the hitch with the trailer. Hitch View provides a close-up image of the hitch, allowing for precise alignment with the hitch receiver without exiting the vehicle.

Driver-Assistance Features That Aid Vehicle Operation

Vehicle technology now allows for vehicle data to be shared with the driver to aid in operating the vehicle. Below are some common driver-assistance technologies available in GMC vehicles.

Following Distance Indicator

Maintaining a reasonable distance from other vehicles is crucial to driving safely. GMC’s Following Distance Indicator helps you maintain a safe following distance and prevents tailgating. Using this technology, you’ll see a following time displayed on your instrument cluster, which indicates the duration (in seconds) between your vehicle and the detected vehicle ahead of you.

Front and Rear Park Assist and Automatic Parking Assist

GMC’s Front and Rear Park Assist uses sensors around the vehicle to help detect your vehicle’s distance from surrounding objects while driving at low speeds. The sensors can detect objects up to 6 feet behind and 4 feet in front of your vehicle. Automatic Parking Assist technology helps you find and steer into a parking space. When a parking space is located, the vehicle automatically steers into it while you control acceleration, braking, and gear shifting.

Lane Change Alert With Side Blind Zone Alert

Equipped GMC vehicles display visual side mirror alerts for rapidly approaching vehicles in adjacent lanes or vehicles in your blind spot. A steady amber warning light illuminates the side-view mirror when these conditions are met. If you activate your turn signal toward the side displaying the alert, the warning light flashes to indicate danger in that direction.

Lane-Keep Assist With Lane Departure Warning

If you accidentally drift out of your intended lane, vehicles with lane-keep assist with lane departure warning will gently steer you back into your lane and alert you of potential unintended drifting. You may also receive additional alerts about lane departures if needed. The system is not activated if you use your turn signal or it detects an intentional lane change.

Adaptive Cruise Control

GMC vehicles equipped with adaptive cruise control maintain a predetermined distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you, limiting the acceleration and braking you need to apply while cruising. This feature works very similarly to cruise control, except in addition to choosing a cruising speed, you’ll also choose a gap setting (far, medium, or near).

Driver-Assistance Features That Help Avoid Accidents

While it’s always necessary to remain in full control of your vehicle, some driver-assistance technologies can help warn you of impending danger or temporarily control your vehicle to avoid an accident. Below are a few of these features.

Forward Collision Alert

This technology uses a forward-facing camera or front radar sensors to warn you of a potential collision with a vehicle ahead of you. This alert may also be activated if it detects tailgating.

Automatic Emergency Braking

When driving below 50 mph, automatic emergency braking will activate if you don’t respond quickly enough to your forward collision alert. The system will apply hard emergency braking or enhance your braking to help you avoid a front-end collision or reduce the severity of a front-end collision.

Rear Cross-Traffic Alert and Braking

GMC vehicles with rear cross-traffic alerts can help you avoid accidents while driving in reverse by warning you of vehicles crossing the area behind you. Some GMC vehicles also come with rear cross-traffic braking, which will provide automatic hard emergency braking to help you avoid or reduce the severity of a collision.

Front Pedestrian Braking

Like automatic emergency braking, front pedestrian braking can help you avoid or reduce the severity of collisions with pedestrians while traveling at speeds below 50 mph. A warning icon is displayed in the instrument cluster if a pedestrian is detected ahead of your vehicle. If you fail to respond quickly enough, hard emergency braking may be applied to help you avoid a collision or limit its severity.

Learn More About GMC’s Driver-Assistance Features

If you’re in the Fort Worth, Texas, area and curious about safety packages, driver-assistance technologies, or other GMC safety features, feel free to give us a call or visit our dealership. Our team is full of GMC experts who are happy to answer your safety-related questions.

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