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Hiley Buick GMC Finance and Insurance Products

Hiley Buick GMC works hard every day to bring the best quality protection plans to our customers. We're excited that we're able to work with RoadVantage to bring our customers a high-quality product that will help them stay on the road longer.

View all of the benefits of our products and a full breakdown below:

Tire and Wheel Protection

If your tires and wheels are important to you (and we're sure they are), then you're going to want to take advantage of this plan. Wheels and tires could be replaced at a very reasonable cost - or no cost at all.

GAP Protection

GAP insurance isn't a common household term, but its extremely important for people involved in accidents. After an accident, your insurance provider is going to pay the estimated value of the car. If you owe more than what your insurance will pay, you'll need GAP insurance.

Cosmetic Wheel Protection

The Cosmetic Wheel protection plan helps our customers keep their wheels clean and free of any unsightly scuffs and scratches.

Windshield Protection

Windshields are one of the most important parts of your car. The Windshield Protection plan can help you get your windshield replaced at very little cost.

Tire and Wheel with Nitrogen Tire Inflation

Nitrogen tire inflation and all the benefits of the Tire and Wheel Protection plan; Nitrogen inflation is cutting-edge inflation technology that can increase your tires' performance.

Theft Protection

Thieves are terrible and no one wants to get their vehicle stolen. With the RoadVantage Theft Protection plan, you can take extra measures to help ensure your investment is safe.

Door Ding Protection

If your GMC is dinged up, then it never feels quite like new again. Using the RoadVantage Door Ding Protection Plan, we can help you repair the minor scuffs and dings.

Environmental Protection

Some parts of your vehicle (exterior, interior cloth) are susceptible to environmental wear and tear. For added protection, RoadVantage offers the Environmental Protection plan.

Key Replacement Protection

Losing your key can ruin your day. If you're locked out of your Buick or GMC, RoadVantage can help you get a replacement free of charge.

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